Diversity and Inclusion



We’re here for everyone’s benefit. So it makes sense that this is reflected in the people who work here.

Diversity is not just something we celebrate, it’s what our day-to-day looks like. Everyone. Working together. Contributing. Having their say. Making their difference, make a difference.

When we hire people, that’s all we’re really interested in. How can you make a difference. How can we make a difference for you. It starts with dignity and respect. Treating one another as we’d like to be treated.

We’re all different and we use that difference to create high performing and amazing teams. Our culture is about inclusion where everyone feels valued and treated with dignity and respect. We embrace difference – and that’s the heart of the matter.

And it’s not just us that thinks this about our culture. We were awarded Investors in Diversity (IiD) accreditation in 2021, and the National Centre for Diversity’s (NCD) FREDIE Awards also recognised us for our work in championing fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement, in particular our commitment to creating an environment that enabled colleagues to support one another through the pandemic.

Our full commitments are all written down in black and white here:

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